Concerning the Automatic Computation of the Electrical Stresses in the High Voltage Substations during the Transient Regimes


This paper deals with an automatic computation program using a Matlab graphical user interface GUI useful to compute electrical stresses which appear in the high voltage substations; that means the parameters computation of the short circuit currents or transient recovery voltages which appear during the fault regimes in the high voltage networks. The numerical evaluation of the electrical stresses is carried out for the high voltage substations from ST Craiova such as transmission lines Filiasi, Slatina, Turnu Magurele, Isalnita. The parameters of the shortcircuit currents or over voltages are computed and graphical display of their variation in time can be available also. The influence of the high voltage network characteristics, such as the line length or the phase angle of the source voltage on the computed parameters level is pointed out. The Matlab GUI is developed based on the automatic computation program, which was achieved within the research contract with the Transelectrica SA Transport Branch Craiova. The partial results obtained within the above mentioned contract were previously presented in the various papers. Also, the computation algorithm is based on the results presented in the references of this paper. This GUI can be applied for any other high voltage substation whose rated parameters are known. images