Synthesis of the PID Algorithm for Control the Thermal Regime in the 3D Printer


In this paper it is described the automatic system for formation the small pieces from polymer, based on the principle of thermoplastic extrusion and it is proposed the graph – analytical algorithm for identification the mathematical model of the control object first and second order inertia of the industrial process by the experimental curve of the transient process as response at the step signal applied to the entrance of the system.The procedure of calculation the approximation of the control object is based on the experimental curve of the process for which the output level is determined at the value of 0.632k and the respectively time. As control object is used the thermal stabilization regime in the extruder of 3D printer. The obtained results of identification are compared with results obtained in case of identification in MATLAB. For the obtained identified models was synthesized the PID control algorithm by the analytical methods and auto-tuning regime. images