Disturbance Analysis for Power Systems Based on LabVIEW Real-Time and Reconfigurable FPGA Modules Using Wavelet Transform


This paper present a disturbance analysis moni-toring system for the purpose of detection of disturbance analysis using Wavelet Transform (WT). The proposed sys-tem is based on the real-time capabilities of the Real-Time LabVIEW operating system and on a CompactRIO type real-time computer which contains a network of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). The WT is used to ana-lyze the quality of energy and to detect the transient phe-nomena characteristic of the quasi-periodic signals. The system achieves the storage of entries as TDMS (Technical Data Management Streaming) files and Word/Excel type automatic reports automatically sent by email at predefined addresses, contains an OPC UA (Open Platform Communi-cations Unified Architecture) type server for communication with a hierarchically superior SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) type system, performs selective entry of the characteristic parameters into a database, contains a Webserver for Intranet/Internet access, for viewing the measured data, and for system management from any-where, the application is connected to a Cloud-type plat-form. The disturbance analysis monitoring system has been tested using both simulated signals and real signals from a practical experiment. images