Annals of the University of Craiova, Series : Electrical Engineering - Special Issue, 2018

Contactless Power Transfer – Theoretical Principles and Fields of Applications – Andrei Marinescu, Mihai Iordache, Lucian Mandache

Inductive Power Charging forElectric Vehicles in Misalignment Conditions – Constantin M. Apostoaia, Mihai Cernat

Design of Wireless Electromagnetic Energy Transfer Systems – Mihai Iordache, Victor Bucată, Dragoş Niculae, Marilena Stănculescu, Maria-Lavinia Bobaru

An Analysis on Efficiency of Wireless Transfer Energy Due to a Misalignment of Two Coils – Dragoş Niculae, Marilena Stănculescu, Mihai Iordache and Maria-Lavinia Bobaru

Wireless Power Transfer AnalysisUsing Scattering Parameters – Marilena Stănculescu, Lavinia Bobaru, Mihai Iordache, Dragoş Niculae and Victor Bucată

Easy Design Procedure of PCB Inductors Using WEBENCH Coil Designer – Catalin Bibirica, Sandu Cristian, Lucian Ene, Mihai Iordache Iordache

Modeling, Simulation and Practical Realization of the Spiral Inductors Used in Wireless Power Systems – Claudia Păcurar, Adina Răcăşan, Vasile Ţopa, Călin Munteanu, Claudia Constantinescu