An Analysis on Efficiency of Wireless Transfer Energy Due to a Misalignment of Two Coils


Function of the alignment of the two magnetic coupled coils, a procedure, to choose the proper structure of the two coils used in the wireless power transfer systems (WPTS’s), is presented. The deviation in the alignment of coils can be made in two ways – the angular displacement and the lateral displacement. For the lateral displacement, the two coils are located in parallel planes with their centres misaligned, respectively in the case of angular displacement there is an angular deviation between the receiver and transmitter coils having aligned centres. The main target is to compare the obtained results and select the best solution with the great value for mutual inductance. The main focus was on the influence of lateral displacement of two coils, for two configurations: transmitter and receiver coils are circu-lar type; transmitter coil is pancake type and receiver coil is circular type. After the simulations, we shown that there is a smaller deviation from initial value of the mutual induc-tance for the second case (transmitter coil is pancake type and receiver coil is circular type). Combining the two effects (angular and offset side) we get a surface where if the re-ceiving coil is located on it, the coupling factor of the wire-less system has the same value images