Sensorless Adaptive and Predictive Control of PMSM Based


This article presents a sensorless control structure for a PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor), with a MRAC (Model Reference Adaptive Controller) type speed controller, FOC (Field Oriented Control) type overall con-trol strategy, and d-q axis type reference system, for which the Id current reference set to zero is selected for reasons of torque maximization, and the current reference is supplied by the MRAC adaptive controller output. The numerical simulations results obtained in the case of parameter varia-tion and rapidly varying load torque with a random compo-nent, plus an adjustment mechanism described by first-order differential equations recommend the implementation of this structure in an embedded system in real time. Also, presents a sensorless MPC (Model Predictive Control) for a PMSM in which the rotor speed is provided by a MRAS (Model Reference Adaptive System) observer. The results of the numerical simulations show the superiority of the MPC control system compared to FOC type control system in the case of parameter variation and rapidly varying torque load with a random component. The relatively low complexity of the number of arithmetic operations required to implement the estimation and control algorithms recommends the im-plementation of an embedded system in real time in future works. images