Contributions Regarding the Modernization of the Anti-Hail Rocket Launcher Monitoring System


The University of Craiova – Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer carried out systematic research on the complementary equipment for the anti-hail system. One of the research topics covered the anti-hail rocket launcher monitoring system. At present, the monitoring system for the launching ramps is composed of slave modules mounted on ramps and a central master module provided with a small display for viewing the parameters of the launching ramps. To view all the parameters, operators must perform several maneuvers at the master module buttons. The paper presents one of the adaptations made this year to take into account the experience gained by those who manage the Romanian national anti-hail system. The optimization of the rocket launcher monitoring system structure is based on the practice of using it and consists of the use of a single piece of equipment for simultaneous display of information in a sug-gestive form, easily used by human operators under stress in real condition of shooting with rockets. The proposed solu-tion allows displaying all the parameters on the monitor screen and helps the operators in the activity of combating the hail by reducing the number of operations they have to perform. This reduces the intervention time and the stress to which the operators are exposed. The software part of the monitoring system ensures its flexibility and competitive-ness. images