Graphical User Interface to Plot the Torque Speed Curves of Multiples Cage Induction Motor


The aim of this paper is to propose an interdisci-plinary approach in study of asynchronous machine with multiple cages rotor. There were two reasons to choose as subject of studying the asynchronous motor with multi-ple/double cages rotor: firstly, because of its large applica-tion in fans and water pumps for various industrial and irrigation systems, as well as in lathe and drilling machines, and secondly, because the theoretical background of this subject is a very complex one. Because the torque-speed curve has a crucial importance in improving the perform-ances of a system, the final results of this study is to propose a Graphical User Interface in Matlab which could be used to calculate the characteristics of an asynchronous motor with multiple /double cages rotor. After a brief introduction about the constraints of systems with multiple cage asyn-chronous motors, paper propose a short review on theoreti-cal background of these machines. The next step will be to underline the designing aspects of the machine and finally to models in Matlab its characteristics. The importance of this work is bringing in attention usual aspects which could be improved by revising in learning process and in new indus-trial technologies. The results of this work could be used to design a virtual laboratory in area of electrical machine. images