Annals of the University of Craiova, Series : Electrical Engineering - 2019

Identification and Sensorless Control Using Embedded System of PMSM Based on FOC Strategy and Power Factor Correction – Claudiu-Ionel Nicola, Marcel Nicola

Determining Idle Running and Short-Circuit Operating Characteristics of an Asynchronous Traction Motor – Raluca-Cristina Presură (Nicolae), Marian-Ştefan Nicolae, Sorin Enache, Ion Vlad

On the Thermographic Analysis and Thermal Resistance Estimation of the Capacitor-Run Single-Phase Induction MotorsAdrian Dănilă, Radu Mihai Campeanu

Deploying Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage Systems to Achieve Energy Security in the R. of Moldova – Ion Comendant, Iulia Prepeliţă, Lilia Turcuman

Sensorless Adaptive and Predictive Control of PMSM Based on FOC Strategy – Marcel Nicola, Claudiu-Ionel Nicola

Harmonics Based Clustering Patterns Featured by the Final Nodes of a WPT tree – Lucian Cristian Scărlătescu, Ileana-Diana Nicolae, Petre-Marian Nicolae, Marian Ştefan Nicolae, Anca Purcaru

Operational Aspects of an Auxiliary Converter Used in Railway Applications – Radu Florin Marinescu, Adrian Hurezeanu, Petre Marian Nicolae, Diana-Cristina Marinescu

Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Plant Gardabani – Moldovan Artiom, Ilie Nucă

Modified Petri Nets for Hybrid Systems Modeling – a Case Study – Mircea Adrian Drighiciu, Daniel Cristian Cismaru

Achievement of Current Pulses of High Amplitude Using a Voltage Pulse Generator – Ion Pătru, Marcel Nicola, Maria Cristina Nitu

Tuning the PID Controller to the Model of Object with Inertia Second Order According to the Maximum Stability Degree Method with IterationBartolomeu Izvoreanu, Irina Cojuhari, Ion Fiodorov, Adrian Secrieru

Contributions Regarding the Modernization of the Anti-Hail Rocket Launcher Monitoring System – Gheorghe Manolea, Ionel Laurenţiu Alboteanu, Alexandru Novac, Constantin Şulea Iorgulescu, Sorin Stepan

A Cost-Effective Smart Irrigation System For Water Reduction – Constantin-Florin Ocoleanu, Adrian-Mihai Nechita

Determination of the Dielectric Stresses that Appear in the Windings of aLlightning Impulse Autotransformer – Maria Cristina Nitu, Marcel Nicola

Comparison between Fuzzy Controller and Classical Methods for Determining the Degree of Polymerization – Maria Cristina Nitu, Ancuţa-Mihaela Aciu, Claudiu-Ionel Nicola

Parameter Identification of Transformers and Transmission Lines Based on PMU Measurements –Ecaterina Murdid, Ion Stratan

Graphical User Interface to Plot the Torque Speed Curves of Multiples Cage Induction Motor –Gabriela Dana Petropol Şerb, Ion Petropol Şerb

The Influence of the Treatment Mode of the Neutral in the 6-35 kV Networks on the Displacement Voltage in the Quasi-stationary Regime – Ina Dobrea

Qualitative Analysis for Faults Diagnosis of a Driving System with Static Converter – Virginia Ivanov, Maria Brojboiu, Sergiu Ivanov

Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer Through Multilayer Walls of a Building, in Stationary and Non-stationary Regimes – Ioana-Gabriela Sîrbu, Radu-Cristian Dinu, Dan-Gabriel Stănescu

Analysis of Load Demand and Economic Assessment Based on Weather Forecasting in Green BuildingsIhsan Mizher Baht, Petre Marian Nicolae, Marian Ştefan Nicolae, Ileana Diana Nicolae

ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA – Electrical Engieneering Series, no. 43, vol. 43, Issue 1, 2019 (click to download)