Wireless Remote Control for the Anti-Hail Missiles Launch Ramp Positioning System


This paper describes a wireless remote control designed for the positioning system of the launching pad of anti-hail missiles used by the Romanian Anti-Hail System. The remote control operates in the ISM band of 2,4 GHz and was successfully tested on a simplified, small size, experimental model of the actual launch ramp. The remote control allows the operator to position the launch ramp on two axes, azimuth, and elevation, and fire the missiles, using momentary push buttons. A 16×2 characters LCD display indicates the current position of the ramp, and the presence and the type of the anti-hail missiles loaded on the ramp. The remote control was built using Arduino microcontrol-lers and radio frequency transceivers and uses two separate one-way transmitter-receiver radio channels. The simplified experimental model of the launch ramp features the main functional characteristics of the actual ramp and was de-signed and built for the purpose of testing the remote con-trol, due to no access to the actual ramp, along with the in-tention of using it to train the Local Unit operating person-nel during the off-season time. When designing and building the remote control and the experimental model of the ramp it was taken into consideration an easy implementation on the actual ramp, with minimal modifications. images