Aspects Regarding the Impact of Electrical Vehicles’ Charging on Power Quality


A major problem with the increased penetration of electric vehicles is the preparation of the power supply system to accommodate the increasing number of charging stations. Possible problems include exceeding the rated power of distribution equipment and electrical systems components, changing the voltage profile and altering the quality parameters of electricity. In these scenarios it is important for the grid operators to have an accurate information on present grid status, as well as the effects of EVs charging facilities interaction with the hosting grid. This knowledge will help the operators to more efficiently manage their grids while the e-mobility is expanding. This paper addresses issues related to the challenges of large-scale implementation of electric vehicles in Romania and especially their estimated impact on the power quality in current distribution networks. The authors present some of the results of a monitoring and analysis study of the power quality parameters in the coupling buses of some electric vehicle models during their charging cycle. The results of the study are included in a database used as a reference for a larger project aimed at developing intelligent solutions for PQ-based control of load units. images