Automatic Ventilation and Air Conditioning System for Educational Trainin


The air quality from closed spaces is very im-portant for people or for technological processes. The heat-ing, ventilation and air conditioning installations ensure the maintenance of the air parameters in the rooms served with-in pre-established limits, throughout the year, regardless of the variation of meteorological factors, the degree of occu-pancy of the rooms or the development of production pro-cesses. The paper presents an automatic ventilation, heating and air conditioning system made on a small scale. Climatic parameters can be monitored and controlled in two ways: in local mode and also in remote mode. In local mode, the con-trol of the installation is done with a Mega 2560 develop-ment system made around the Atmega 2560 microcontrol-ler, which processes the information received from the DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor. Information about parameters and system status is displayed on the local screen. The WeMos D1 R2 WiFi development system based on an ESP8266 wireless microcontroller with Wi-Fi 802.11 compatible with the IDE-Arduino development environment was used for the remote control. All information is transmit-ted wirelessly to an online platform, called Cayene that al-lows their storage and control. The platform referred to offers a number of graphical features that do not involve costs for users. The system can be used both for educational purposes for engineering students, but can be adapted for real practical applications. images