Active Power Filter Study Using Dedicated Matlab GUI


This paper presents an understandable and friendly Matlab interface, which shows the active filtering role in a simple manner for the users. The created interface allows the active filtering system simulation, choosing the compensation mode. All these are necessary to plot the available workspace variables and to assess the active filtering performance. Moreover it displays the total harmonic distortion values, for the load and grid current, and computes the filtering efficiency The Simulink model was created for a
three-phase non-sinusoidal voltage system, the current components being computed using the Conservative Power Theory elaborated by Paolo Tenti. The analyzed system contains a three-phase full wave controlled rectifier with a passive RL load. After the model simulation, the interface will illustrate the grid current and voltage waveforms, before and after the compensation, for both partial and total compensation. The mentioned graphics, as well as the waveform of the reactive current component, will make the user understand the Active Power Filter (APF) functions, i.e. improving the shape of the current absorbed from the power grid and improving the power factor. The created interface can be used as an educational tool in finding that APF is a solution to fix the disturbing effects that non-linear loads, supplied by the power grids, produce to them.