Study of the Reactive Power Side Effects for Tariff and Compensation Purpose at the Transmission Networks’Users


The reactive power flows affect voltages, losses and transmission capacities. Thus MVAR flows are a matter of increasing concern for the grid operators and the Romanian Regulatory Authority for Energy has established their importance into a specific Order. The latest corresponding regulation for Romania allows the grid operator to exonerate of payment those injections of reactive which affect in a positive manner positively the voltages in the network. Such exemption is difficult to apply since the influence of MVARs on voltages is locational and time dependent. This paper deals with the assessment of reactive powers related to network users for payment and compensation purposes. The drawbacks are evaluated and compared with the benefits for voltage regulation, according to Romanian regulations. Theoretical skills are combined into one organic methodology, and an in-house software package for reactive power assessment is built. This is based on sensitivities of voltage, loss and transmission capacity to reactive injections into nodes. A case study consisting of a real 110kV network of about 2000 nodes was adopted. The survey was conducted for 6000 hours and outlines voltage to sink’s MVARs. The results were used to evaluate the opportunities to compensate and/or to discharge payments the MVARs with positive contribution to voltage regulation. This paper proposes a sensitivity based analysis for a real 110kV network. images