Contributions to the Development of Complementary Equipment for the Romanian Anti-Hail System


The method used in Romania for combating hail is the sowing of the clouds method, with missiles launched from the ground. This paper presents contributions of the University of Craiova, Center for Innovation and Technol-ogy Transfer in the development Hail Suppression System. The primary contribution was the complementary equip-ment that was necessary for developing the anti-hail system in Romania. Two of the systems that contain the anti-hail complementary equipment are showcased: the photovoltaic panels power supply system and the automatic positioning system for missiles launch ramp, respectively. The configu-ration of the accomplished photovoltaic system provides the power for the 12V, 24V, and 48V DC consumers and the 220V AC consumers as well. Likewise, this system can also function independently, interconnected with other energy sources (such as wind turbines, diesel generators, etc.), or synchronized with the national power grid. An energy man-agement system was created, to secure the energy required to launch the anti-hail missiles (high priority consumers). The energy management system controls and monitors the energy flow from the photovoltaic panels to the consumers, using a hierarchy of consumers algorithm. The automatic positioning system for anti-hail missiles launch ramps con-tains intelligent motor drives and a touchscreen human in-terface. Credited to the research work and the accomplished complementary equipment, the University of Craiova – In-novation and Technology Transfer Centre became part of “General designer of the anti-hail Romanian system”. images