Graphical User Interface to Extrapolate the Ideal Covering Factor of the Polar Step


This paper treats some aspects of the geometrical design of salient synchronous generator, used in railway traction. It focus on the transformation of given experimen-tal data curves into polynomial based regression model which could be use easier in a Computer Aided Design. The final aim of this work is to summarize many detailed by literature recommendations regarding the fabrication ex-perience and to use these to design a Graphical User Inter-face with which, the user perform a specific task in area of designing a salient synchronous generator. For this paper, the proposed task is to interpolate and to plot the depend-ence between ideal covering factor of the polar step and the real one, based on the curves offered by the literature. Using this representation, the user/the designer could choose the appropriate value of the ideal covering factor of the polar step for its case study in a short time and, also, could send this data to the main program. The added value of this work is to create a tool which could be used easier, in different situations. This tool is completely original and is a part of a collection of graphical user interfaces created by the authors to be used in a computer aided design of a salient pole syn-chronous generator calculation. images