Implementation of Virtual Instrumentation for Testing of Induction Motors


This paper presents an implementation of an ad-vanced system that uses virtual instrumentation as the main component in the process of measurement and testing of three phase asynchronous motors. This approach permits the replacement of the old analog measurement techniques – which are still in use in the industry applications at some electrical motor testing benches, with the new advanced measurement system bench. This system bench is capable of data acquisition, storage on different media, visualization of relevant graphs, printing or distribution of technical reports or analysis on-line or off-line in an automated manner. The general architecture of the proposed system is focused on the hardware components (transducers, conditioning, data acquisition, calculator) and software components (driver for the acquisition and manipulation-calculation of data, graphical presentation, other auxiliary programs and the ones to bring all the components together, virtual instru-ments). The proposed system allows the application of methods for determining losses and efficiency from tests. Some of the most important requirements of the interna-tional standards for induction motors testing are used: gen-eral technical verification, determination of the windings resistance in DC, no-load testing and running characteristics testing. This system would be very useful in industry appli-cations in the domains of electrical machines for testing workbenches and design laboratories. images