Automatic Sorting and Handling Station Actuated by Pneumatic Drive


The main path through which technical progress contributes to increasing work productivity is the automa-tion of manufacturing processes. Applications based on ro-botic handling solve many problems in different areas, espe-cially in the food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building materi-als, or logistics applications. The paper presents an auto-matic electro-pneumatic system for manipulation and sort-ing of parts according to color. The system is taught to sort two kinds of pieces, both white and black. Pieces of different types arrive at the input stock and are picked up by a ma-nipulating robot, then stored in two output stocks according to color. The entire structure is integrated in an electro-pneumatic drive system with linear actuators (pneumatic cylinder) and rotary (rotary pneumatic motors), controlled by the solenoid valves. The manipulator robot consists of three modules (rotation, lifting, gripper actuation), and the output stock contains a rotating module for the sorting table provided with two parts warehouses. Both white and black pieces will be stored in the two storehouses. The structure is controlled by an Arduino Mega2560 microcontroller devel-opment system. The sorting station can also be controlled by the operator via a joystick and some buttons. The system designed, developed and tested can be used both in educa-tional applications in electrical engineering and in industrial applications. In comparison to other handling systems, the robot structure is simpler. It performs the transfer of the pieces by only two movements, thus reducing the handling time. images