Identification and Sensorless Control Using Embedded System of PMSM Based on FOC Strategy and Power Factor Correction


This article presents the procedure for identifying the electrical and mechanical parameters of the PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor). The parameter identification procedure is required in the event that the motor’s electrical and mechanical parameters are unknown, or in industrial applications at the beginning of a drive cycle due to variations of the PMSM parameters with the tem-perature. The parameter identification procedure is imple-mented in the Matlab/Simulink environment. This proce-dure was also implemented in an embedded system and the results of the two (offline and online) identification methods of the nominal parameters of the PMSM are presented comparatively to the parameters in the datasheet. It pre-sents the block structure of the PFC together with the nu-merical simulations achieved in Matlab/Simulink, on the improvement of the PF (Power Factor) of the supply circuit. It also presents the block structures of the FOC (Field Ori-ented Control) strategy and of the back-EMF (back Elec-tromotive Force) sliding mode, MRAS (Model Reference Adaptive System), and PLL (Phase Locked Loop) type ob-servers. The numerical simulations show the superiority of rotor speed estimation when using the back-EMF sliding mode observer compared to the rotor speed estimate pro-vided by MRAS and PLL observers. images