Determining Idle Running and Short-Circuit Operating Characteristics of an Asynchronous Traction Motor


Abstract – It is proposed the possibility to simulate the idle running and short-circuit characteristics of an asynchro-nous traction motor. Based on the results, the motor pa-rameters can be determined. In the modern design of asyn-chronous motors, the simulation of these characteristics is required as a mandatory stage. On this basis, the electro-magnetic stresses and the constructive solutions are finally established, so that the engine corresponds in operation. The tests are important, as they allow for a computation of the motor parameters. There still exists the possibility to simu-late the stationary and dynamic modes, in order to deter-mine the behavior of the motor while running. The compari-sons between the simulated and the data provided in the motor datasheet proves that the occurring errors are under the 2.1 % level accepted as precision level. The correctness of the simulations performed is important in operation, be-cause with the parameters and the results obtained we can anticipate the behavior of the machine in the dynamic or stationary modes. The operating, starting and speed charac-teristics of the asynchronous traction motor must meet the high demands imposed by the complex equipment used in modern transport vehicles. Concerns related to the devel-opment of new methods and procedures to optimize the construction of the asynchronous motors used in traction, to find new mathematical models for the correct simulation of the operating characteristics, are a permanent activity. The simulations and experimental tests were carried out consid-ering a traction motor from a diesel electric locomotive. images