Achievement of Current Pulses of High Amplitude Using a Voltage Pulse Generator


This paper presents a comprehensive project aim-ing to achieve high amplitude current impulses using a high voltage generator (GIT) as a power supply. To obtain im-pulse currents with GIT, a wide range of simulations has been carried out to obtain the optimal parameters of the current impulse. LC delay cells were introduced in the test system circuit in order to increase the duration of the cur-rent impulse. A current impulse generator (GIC) circuit has been developed to meet the standards in force. This system has enabled new test methods to be developed and improved equipment developed. The development of this project al-lowed current impulses to be obtained with minimum costs. The methods and procedures used can be used to expand research fields by using current impulses to determine the dynamic and thermal stability of electrotechnical and elec-tro-energetic equipment as well as the functional stability of electronic devices in electromagnetic disturbed environ-ments. images