Program for Monitoring Operation Regimes of Low-Power Electrical Machines


In this paper there are presented details about a program for monitoring steady states and dynamic regimes of low-power electrical machines. The program allows viewing the variation waves of the main electrical quantities, their harmonic content and the relative position of the characteristic phasors. The program advantages are mentioned and there have exemplified some data acquisitions, carried out for a few concrete situations. The main work windows from the Instrument menu are detailed. There have also been presented the results obtained by monitoring the operation of two motors, a three-phase asynchronous motor with single-phase supply and a single-phase asynchronous motor. A part of the conclusions obtained could be mentioned as follows: a) for the case of three-phase asynchronous motor with single-phase supply, we noticed that a voltage increase leads to an increase of the inductive phase shift of the current I1, the phase shift of the current I2 (measured on the phase in series with the capacitor) remains practically unchanged, the capacitive phase shift of the current I3 increases and the distortion degree of the current I1 decreases; b) for the case of the single-phase asynchronous motor we noticed that in load operation (at rated voltage) a decrease of the phase shift between the current and voltage corresponding to the main winding occurs and the current distortion degree increases when the load increases. The paper ends with conclusions and references. images