Contributions Regarding the Monitoring in the Command Center of the Anti-Hail Launch Pads


This paper describes an Internet-connected radio remote control designed for the positioning system of the launching pad of anti-hail missiles used by the Romanian Anti-Hail System. The remote control works on the ISM band of 433 MHz and was successfully tested on a small size experimental model of the launch pad. The azimuth and elevation position can be locally controlled by the operator, with the possibility of monitoring and even controlling the launch pad from the Command Center, over the Internet. The remote control uses a touch screen display on the opera-tor side and a PLC connected to the launch pad. The commands on the touch screen are grouped into three pag-es: manual positioning, automatic positioning, and a list of recorded events. Sending the coordinates to the launch pad and firing the missiles are considered events, automatically recorded on an SD card or USB flash drive attached to the remote control. Communication between the touch screen and the PLC is realized by two RF transceivers using LoRa modulation. The touch screen display is connected to the Internet, making it possible to remotely monitor and control the launch pad using an Internet-connected computer. The access to the remote control is password protected and can be disabled by the local operator. images