Annals Of The University Of Craiova, Serie: Electrical Engineering 2015


Modelling of Transformer Windings and Computation of Very Fast Transient Over-Voltages – Gloria Ciumbulea, Sorin Deleanu, Mihai Iordache, Ciprian Curteanu, Neculai Galan, Anton Anastasie Moscu

Control circuit of an Electronically Controlled Capacitor for the Optimization of the Single Phase Induction Motor – Radu Câmpeanu, Adrian Danila

Predictive versus Classic Control of the Induction Motor Drives – Sergiu Ivanov, Vladimir Răsvan, Eugen Bobaşu, Dan Popescu, Florin Stîngă, Virginia Ivanov

Analytical-Numerical Method for Design of a Single-Phase AC Inductors with Ferromagnetic Core – Ioan Popa, Alin-Iulian Dolan, Florian Ştefănescu, Constantin Florin Ocoleanu

Optimal Heating Time for Cylindrical Items Removal from the Shaft – Grigore A. Cividjian

Analytical Algorithms for Synthesis of Modal Controllers by the Maximum Stability Degree Criterion – Ion Fiodorov, Bartolomeu Izvoreanu, Irina Cojuhari, Dumitru Moraru

Analysis of a Step-Down DC-DC Converter: Linear Versus Nonlinear Circuit – Ioana-Gabriela Sîrbu, Marius Voinea, Mihai Iordache

Designing a Simultaneous Control of Several Motors with a VHL Programming Language for a Single Microcontroller – Dan Mihai

Hardware Experiments for Simultaneous Control of Several Motors by a Microcontroller and a VHL Programming Language – Dan Mihai

Study of Low Power Alternating Current Motors by Functional and Energy Aspect – Ion Vlad, Aurel Campeanu, Sorin Enache, Monica-Adela Enache

Performance of an Active DC-Traction Substation with 12-Pulse Parallel Rectifier and Indirect Current Control – Mihaela Popescu, Alexandru Bitoleanu, Alexandra Preda

The Online Temperature Control – Florin Ravigan, Niculae Boteanu, Laurenţiu Alboteanu

Numerical Determination of Inductance of a SMES Device Using the Response Surface Methodology Applied on FEM Modeling – Alin-Iulian Dolan, Florian Stefanescu

Hybrid Petri Nets in Modeling the Packing Processes: Case Study – Mircea Adrian Drighiciu, Daniel Cristian Cismaru

Electromagnetic Field Coupling Between Over-Head Power Lines and Nearby Metallic Pipelines in Case of Direct Lightning – Denisa Stet, Levente Czumbil, Dan D. Micu

Modern Techniques for Monitoring Circuit Breakers by using Microcontroller System – Virginia Ivanov, Maria Brojboiu, Sergiu Ivanov

About the Analytical Methods Applying for Fault Diagnosis of the Static Converters from the Electric Locomotive – Maria Brojboiu, Ivanov Virginia, Andrei Savescu

Aspects Regarding Influences of Voltage and Resistant Torque on Asynchronous Motors Operation – Sorin Enache, Aurel Campeanu, Ion Vlad, Monica-Adela Enache

Lead Acid Battery Pack Charging Optimization – Constantin-Daniel Oancea, Florin Călin

Management of Renewable Energy Sources Integrated in a Micro Smart Grid – Laurenţiu Alboteanu, Gheorghe Manolea, Sergiu Ivanov

Factors Involved in Choosing LEDs for General Lighting Applications: a Critical Review – Dorin Dumitru Lucache, Cătălin Daniel Gălăţanu, Elena Dănilă

Transversal Shape Optimization of a Brushless DC Motor for Electric Vehicles – Ion Vlad, Sorin Enache, Lucian Mandache, Monica-Adela Enache

Information and Communication Technology in Urban Electric Transportation – Ilie Nucă, Iurie Nucă, Alexandr Motroi, Vitalie Eşanu

Study of Indirect Current Control Methods for Urban Traction Active DC Substations – Constantin Vlad Suru, Mihaela Popescu, Ionut Deaconu

Energetic Influence of Motor Power in Drive Systems with Space-Vector Static Converters and Induction Motors – Mihăiţă Lincă, Constantin Vlad Suru, Alexandru Bogdan Lupu

Increasing Safety of the Tests Carried Out in Laboratories by Using Electronic Devices – Marinel Popescu

Virtual Synchronoscope for Connecting Synchronous Generator on the Grid – Gheorghe-Eugen Subtirelu, Mircea Dobriceanu, Monica-Adela Enache

Use of Modern Computing Technique to Improve the Energy Indicators of Drive Motors of the Coal Mills – Silvia-Maria Digă, Daniela Popescu, Nicolae Digă

Estimation of the Heat Cumulated Inside a Wall with Cylindrical Symmetry – Mitică Iustinian Neacă, Andreea Maria Neacă

Fuzzy Control of Centrifugal Pumps Flow – Daniela Popescu, Jenica-Ileana Corcău

Object Oriented Video Retrieval System based on Domain Ontologies – Ion Eugen Ganea

Evolution of the Electric Power Components Definitions – Adrian A. Adăscăliţei, Alexander E. Emanuel

Active Power Filter Study Using Dedicated Matlab GUI – Cristina Alexandra Preda, Mihăiţă Lincă, Constantin Vlad Suru