Electromagnetic Shielding System for Information and Communication Equipments


Today, most of the human activities are computer-controlled with respect to equipments and platforms functionality, quality of the process and people and goods safety. Unlike the specialized platforms, where this feature is already implemented and developed according to the system architecture, in many other applications this function can be achieved by including a simple desktop or laptop and the specific software application in the platform original configuration. These applications can be also very sensitive, in terms of safety, quality and costs, so the whole controlling process must be accurate, stable and robust. One of the main problems that can occur and affect these systems workability is represented by electromagnetic interference (EMI) presence and the complementary issues, especially when the scenario takes place in a hard electromagnetic environment (industrial, military, IT&COM high-density areas etc.). There are some technical approaches to solve this inconvenience, but most are focused to adapt the current equipment configuration, which was intended to work in a specific environment and to provide specific features, to the new place working requirements. Our solution is to develop a self-independent EMI protection system that can be easily adapted to a large range of the IT&COM equipments in order to minimize costs, product performances distortion and overall time implementation. images