Annals Of The University Of Craiova, Serie: Electrical Engineering 2017


CPC−Founded Clarification of Decline of the Effectiveness of the Energy Transfer in Power Systems – Leszek S. Czarnecki

Optimal Shape of DC Electromagnet – Alin-Iulian Dolan

Testing a Filtering and Regeneration System on a Recuperative Stand – Alexandru Bitoleanu, Mihaela Popescu and Vlad Constantin Suru

DC-Traction Substation with Improved Power Quality and Regeneration Capability – Mihaela Popescu, Alexandru Bitoleanu, Constantin Vlad Suru, and Mircea Dobriceanu

Static Force Characteristic and Thermal Field for a Plunger-Type AC Electromagnet – Ioan C. Popa, Alin-Iulian Dolan, Constantin Florin Ocoleanu

Diminishing the Computational Burden when Analyzing Electrical Signals with Long Wavelet Filters – Ileana-Diana Nicolae, Petre-Marian Nicolae, Ionuţ Daniel Smărăndescu

Hybrid Systems Modeling Approach with Petri Nets – Mircea  Adrian Drighiciu

Estimation of Certain Power in Single-phase Network and DC Circuits – Constantin Daniel Oancea

Dynamic State of Low Power Asynchronous Motors in Direct-on-Line Starting – Ion Vlad, Aurel Campeanu, Sorin Enache, Monica-Adela Enache

Aspects Regarding Operation of Power Supply System of Cars – Sorin Enache, Aurel Campeanu, Ion Vlad and Monica-Adela Enache

Design Optimization of an Asynchronous Motor Used in Light Railway Traction – Presură Raluca-Cristina, Nicolae Marian-Ştefan, Vlad Ion, Nicolae Petre-Marian

Contributions to the Development of Complementary Equipment for the Romanian Anti-Hail System – Gheorghe Manolea, Laurentiu Alboteanu, Sorin Stepan

Analysis of Crimped Connections Heat Transfer Coefficient Using Experimental and Numerical Determinations – Constantin Florin Ocoleanu, Ioan C. Popa

Modelling and Synthesis of Printed Circuit Boards Testing Systems based on Timed Hard Petri Nets – Sudacevschi Viorica, Ababii Victor, Calugari Dmitri, Bordian Dimitrie

Concerning the Automatic Computation of the Electrical Stresses in the High Voltage Substations during the Transient Regimes – Maria Brojboiu, Virginia Ivanov

Analyzing Signals from a Primary Winding of a Locomotive Transformer with Three Types of Wavelet-Based Transforms – Ileana-Diana Nicolae, Radu-Florin Marinescu, Petre-Marian Nicolae  and Diana-Cristina Marinescu

Shielding Effectiveness Measurement Using a DTEM Cell – Viorica Voicu, Ion Pătru, Livia-Andreea Dina, Petre-Marian Nicolae, Relu Aipu, Ionuţ Daniel Smărăndescu

Synthesis of the PID Algorithm for Control the Thermal Regime in the 3D Printer – Irina Cojuhari, Bartolomeu Izvoreanu, Ion Fiodorov, Dumitru Moraru, Sorin Botnaru

Analysis of Direct Current Motors in Dynamic Regimes Using Numerical Techniques – Ioana-Gabriela Sîrbu and Lucian Mandache

Control of Flow and Pressure in the Cooling Water Circuit of a Thermal Power Plant Using Fuzzy Logic – Radu Cristian Dinu, Cristian Bratu and Daniela Popescu

The Influence of the Output Current Deforming Regime on the Input Current Harmonics for a Three-Phase Rectifier Bridge – Mitică Iustinian Neaca

Theoretical and Practical Aspects Regarding Radiated Emission Testing in Semi-Anechoic Chambers – Livia-Andreea Dina, Viorica Voicu, Petre-Marian Nicolae, and Ionuţ Daniel Smărăndescu

Optimization of the Aerodynamics Airfoils Placed in Supersonic Viscous Flow – Victoriţa Rădulescu

Monitoring System for Reducing the Electric Equipment Stress in Transport and Distribution Lines – Virginia Ivanov, Maria Brojboiu and Sergiu Ivanov

Technical and Economic Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage in the Biomass CHP Plants with ORC Technology – Pavel Atănăsoae, Radu Pentiuc, Crenguţa Bobric, Elena Olariu and Valentin Martin

The Implementation and Validation of a Bidirectional PWM Boost Rectifier Control Algorithm – Ionuţ Deaconu, Constantin Vlad Suru, Mihăiţă Lincă, Cristina Alexandra Preda