Annals Of The University Of Craiova, Serie: Electrical Engineering 2018

CPC-Based Reactive Compensation of Linear Loads Supplied with Asymmetrical
Nonsinusoidal Voltage – Leszek S. Czarnecki

The Rotary Magnetostrictive Motor: a Promising Solution for Low Power Actuators – Alexandru Dalea, Mircea Ignat, Sorin Deleanu, Mihai Iordache, Neculai Galan

Synthesis of the Battery Charging System of a Stand-Alone Electric Locomotive – Alexandru Bitoleanu, Mihaela Popescu, Vlad Constantin Suru, Mihail Rădulescu

How to Design a Passive Damped LCL Coupling Filter for an Active DC-Traction Substation – Mihaela Popescu, Alexandru Bitoleanu, Mircea Dobriceanu, Florin Alexandru Teodorescu

Analytical Study, Numerical Modelling and Experimental Results of the Forces which Act in the Magnetic Liquid Placed between the Poles of an Electromagnet – Daniela Vesa

Application of Direct Optimization Method by Zooms to Improve the Performances of AC Electromagnet – Alin-Iulian Dolan

Controller for BLDC Motors – Florin Ravigan, Laurenţiu Alboteanu, Marius Dumitriu, Ionuţ Zglimbea

An Improved Numerical Model of Heat Transfer Coefficient Corresponding to a Through Connector – Constantin Florin Ocoleanu, Ioan C. Popa

Automatic Sorting and Handling Station Actuated by Pneumatic Drive – Laurenţiu Alboteanu, Gheorghe Manolea, Florin Ravigan

The Resistive Tubular Heater – Mathematical and Simulation Model – Mitică Iustinian Neacă

Simulation of Idle Running Operating Characteristics for Low-Power
Asynchronous Motors – Raluca-Cristina (Presură) Nicolae

Disturbance Analysis for Power Systems Based on LabVIEW Real-Time and Reconfigurable FPGA Modules Using Wavelet Transform – Marcel Nicola, Claudiu-Ionel Nicola, Sebastian Popescu, Dumitru Sacerdoţianu, Marian Duţă

Single/Three-Phase Transformer with Variable Frequency for Electric Locomotives – Berzan Vladimir, Ermurachi Iurie, Ivanov Sergiu

Continuous Monitoring and SCADA Integration of the Sag of Overhead Electricity
Transmission Cables Based on the Measurement of their Slope – Dumitru Sacerdoţianu, Marcel Nicola, Claudiu-Ionel Nicola, Iulian Hurezeanu, Florica Lăzărescu

Implementation of Virtual Instrumentation for Testing of Induction Motors – Gheorghe-Eugen Subţirelu

Analysis of Losses in Brushless Direct Current Motors and Their Influence upon Operation Characteristics – Monica-Adela Enache, Aurel Campeanu, Ion Vlad, Sorin Enache

Current Aspects in the Conception and Performance of Dispatching Manoeuvres
in the National Electric Power Transmission System – Silvia-Maria Digă, Nicolae Digă, Cristian Bratu, Adelaida-Mihaela Duinea

Diagnosis with Analytic Model of a Rectifier for Faults of the Rectifier Control – Virginia Ivanov, Maria Brojboiu, Sergiu Ivanov

Modeling Three-Phase Short-Circuits for Radial Distribution Systems – Horia Bălan, Mircea Ion Buzdugan, Liviu Neamţ

Graphical User Interface to Extrapolate the Ideal Covering Factor of the Polar Step – Gabriela Dana Petropol Şerb , Ion Petropol Şerb

Power line Compromising Emanations Analysis – Vlad Butnaru, Bogdan Trip, Andrei Macovei, Georgiana Roşu, Alexandru Boitan, Simona Halunga

Indirect Current Control Algorithm Implementation and Validation, for Active Filtering Using Constant Switching Frequency Hysteresis Controllers – Mihaita Lincă, Constantin Vlad Suru, Cristina Alexandra Preda

Analysis of the Phaseportrait for the Lü Dynamical System in a Particular Case – Adela Ionescu, Florian Munteanu