Annals of the University of Craiova, Series : Electrical Engineering - 2020

The Use of Helmholtz Coils Designed for 50 Hz at Higher Frequencies – Georgiana Roşu, Ionel Dumbravă, Ion Pătru, Aurelia Scornea, Octavian Baltag, Andrei Marinescu

Wireless Remote Control for the Anti-Hail Missiles Launch Ramp Positioning System – Sorin Stepan, Gheorghe Manolea

Influence of Synchronized Measurement Errors on the Results of Identification of the Transmission Line Parameters – Murdid Ecaterina, Boris Jingan, Dobrea Ina, Vasilos Elena

Metamaterials – Current and Future Trends – Elena Helerea, Lia- Elena Aciu

Virtual Instrumentation for Study of Shape Memory Alloys Strip while Bending – Gheorghe-Eugen Subţirelu, Sonia Degeratu

Aspects Regarding the Impact of Electrical Vehicles’ Charging on Power Quality – Denisa Ruşinaru, Gabriel Cosmin Buzatu, Leonardo Geo Mănescu, Claudiu Popirlan

‘Open Ended’ Laboratory to Study the Influence of Unit’s Weight on Axle Torque in Railway Traction – Petropol Şerb Gabriela Dana, Petropol Şerb Ion

Constructive Dimensions Optimization for Asynchronous Motors used in Coal Mills – Raluca-Cristina Presură (Nicolae), Sorin Enache, Ion Vlad, Marian-Ștefan Nicolae

Program for Monitoring Operation Regimes of Low-Power Electrical Machines – Sorin Enache, Ion Vlad, Monica-Adela Enache

Contributions Regarding the Monitoring in the Command Center of the Anti-Hail Launch Pads – Sorin Stepan, Gheorghe Manolea

Modeling of Thermal Comfort Parameters in Residential Buildings – Radu-Cristian Dinu, Daniela Popescu, Ioana-Gabriela Sîrbu, Dan-Gabriel Stănescu

Studies on the Command of Single-Phase Rectifiers Using the Scalar Control Technique – Florin Alexandru Teodorescu

ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA – Electrical Engieneering Series, no. 44, vol. 44, Issue 1, 2020 (click to download)