Annals of the University of Craiova, Series : Electrical Engineering, No. 45, Vol. 45, 2021

ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA – Electrical Engieneering Series, no. 45, vol. 45, Issue 1, 2021 (click to download)

Wireless Transfer of Electric Power – a Disruptive Technology – Andrei Marinescu

Application of the Rotor Field-Oriented Control for an Induction Motor Used in Electric Traction – Mihaela Popescu, Alexandru Bitoleanu, Constantin Vlad Suru

Impact of Experimental Measurements Accuracy on Validation Process of Crimped Connections – Alin-Iulian Dolan, Constantin-Florin Ocoleanu

Real-Time Sensorless Control of the PMSM based on Genetic Algorithm, Sliding Mode Observer, and SCADA Integration – Claudiu-Ionel Nicola, Marcel Nicola, Maria-Cristina Niţu, Dumitru Sacerdoţianu, Ancuța-Mihaela Aciu

The Choice of the Main Power Components in Electric Traction Converters – Lavinius Sorin Goreci, Mihaela Popescu, Ion Tilă

Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices using a RSM Enhanced ACOR Algorithm – Anton Duca, Bianca Lamba

Comparative Analysis of Two Methods of Calculating the Prescribed Current in a Shunt Active Filtering System – Mihăiță Daniel Constantinescu, Mihaela Popescu, Constantin Vlad Suru

Automatic Ventilation and Air Conditioning System for Educational Training – Ionel Laurenţiu Alboteanu, Andrei Cosmin Militaru

Considerations on the Disturbances Occurred in the Operation of Medium Voltage Electrical Networks with Neutral Treated by Suppression Coil – Silvia-Maria Digă, Nicolae Digă, Paul-Mihai Mircea, Ion Marin

Experimental Study of HBC Fuses with Aluminium Fuse Element at Minimum Rated Breaking Current, Maximum Rated Breaking Current and Transfer Current of Fuse-Switch Combination – Cristian-Eugeniu Sălceanu, Marcel Nicola, Daniel Ocoleanu, Daniela Iovan, Sorin Enache

Simulation of Multi-Motor Propulsion System for Energy Efficiency in Electric Vehicles – Cristian-Liviu Popescu, Laureţiu Marius Dumitran, Alexandru Stănescu

Ways to Determine the Structural Resource of Highly Maneuverable Aircraft – Nicolae-Alin Niculescu, Jenica-Ileana Corcău, Nicuşor Cătălin Stancu

Two Numerical Studies for Longitudinal Movement of a Canard UAV with Vectored Thrust – Liviu Dincă, Jenica-Ileana Corcău, Dionis Cumpan