Annals of the University of Craiova, Series : Electrical Engineering, No. 46, Vol. 46, 2022

ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA – Electrical Engieneering Series, no. 46, vol. 46, Issue 1, 2022 (click to download)

Dynamic Procceses of Electric Motors for Operating some Aircraft Equipment – Sorin Enache, Ion Vlad, Monica-Adela Enache

Harmonic Analysis of Electromagnetic Torque in Brushless Direct Current Motors – Monica Adela Enache, Ion Vlad, Sorin Enache

Fuzzy Model for Estimating the Power Consumed in a Transformer Station – Cristian Bratu, Daniela Popescu, Cătalin-Constantin Luţu

Current Issues Regarding the Analysis of the Physico-Chemical and Electrical Properties of Transformer Oil – Mircea Emilian Ardeleanu, Aurelia Scornea, Dan Gabriel Stănescu, Ionuţ Marius Burciu, Ioana Gabriela Sîrbu

Modeling of Thermal Transfer Parameters by Transparent Construction Elements – Felicia Elena Stan Ivan, Radu Cristian Dinu, Adelaida Mihaela Duinea

Exhaustive Optimization Method Applied on Electromagnetic Device – Alin-Iulian Dolan

Automatic Sorting System for Educational Training – Laurentiu Alboteanu, Florin Ravigan

Reactive Energy Compensation Equipment Used in High Power Laboratories – Daniel Constantin Ocoleanu, Cristian-Eugeniu Sălceanu, Mihai Ionescu, Marcel Nicola, Daniela Iovan, Sorin Enache

Comparative Analysis in the Case of Indirect Current Control in a Shunt Active Filtering System – Mihăiță Daniel Constantinescu, Mihaela Popescu, Cosmin-Ionuț Toma, Constantin Vlad Suru

Application of Electrical Substation, Ring Topology versus Star Topology – Cosmin-Ionuț Toma, Mihaela Popescu, Mihăiță Daniel Constatinescu, Ion Cristian Popa

Analyzing the Influence of Harmonic Parameters on Accuracy Indices When Applying Wavelet Transform – Dusan Kostic, Ileana Diana Nicolae, Iurie Nuca, Petre Marian Nicolae