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Implementation and Adjustment of CPML for CE-FDTD AlgorithmBojana NIKOLIC, Bojan

Computing of Phase Shift for Coupled Oscillators through a Two-Port Passive NetworkMihai

Harmonics Analysis Using DFTSorin Gheorghe PAVEL, Virgil MAIER, Iulian BIROU, Horia Gheorghe BELEIU

A Geometrical and Numerical Study of the Main Sizes of the Lotka-Volterra ModelsRomulus MILITARU, Florian MUNTEANU

Improving the Shunt Active Power Filter Control Methods under Distorted and Unbalanced Grid Voltages Dinut-Lucian POPA, Petre-Marian NICOLAE

Coupled Magneto-Thermal Model for an Encapsulated Busbars System Using QuickFieldIoan C. POPA,
Alin-Iulian DOLAN

Improving Efficiency of DWT Analysis through Faster Interpolation Methods and Multithreading TechniquesIleana-Diana NICOLAE, Petre-Marian NICOLAE, Marian-ùtefan NICOLAE, Andreea CHIVA

Experimental Evaluation of Induction Heating Systems with Phase-Shift Voltage Resonant InverterAlexandru BITOLEANU, Mihaela POPESCU, Vlad SURU

Magneto-Thermal Model for Crimped ConnectionsConstantin-Florin OCOLEANU, Ioan C. POPA, Alin- Iulian DOLAN, Virginia IVANOV

Control of a Single-Phase Active Filter Using Triangular Carrier and Hysteresis Switching in MATLAB/SimulinkMarian-Stefan NICOLAE, Dinut-Lucian POPA, Ionut Daniel SMARANDESCU, Alexandru TUDORASCU

Power Control Assessment in Induction Heating Systems with Voltage Source Inverter and Resonant L-LC LoadMihaela POPESCU, Alexandru BITOLEANU, Alexandra PATRASCU

Application of Two Direct Optimization Methods on a SMES Device by DOE and FEM: Method by Zooms and Method by Slidings of PlansAlin-Iulian DOLAN, Florian STEFANESCU

Utilization of Phase Margin for Analyzing Stability of Asynchronous Motors Supplied by Frequency ConvertersMonica-Adela ENACHE, Ion Vlad, Sorin ENACHE, Mircea DOBRICEANU

The Synchronous Fundamental dq Frame Theory Application for the Active FilteringConstantin Vlad SURU, Cristina Alexandra PATRASCU, Mihaita LINCA

Structure and Properties of Polyethylene-Based Magnetic CompositesCristina STANCU, Petru V. NOTINGHER, Valentin IONITA, Virgil MARINESCU, Denis PANAITESCU

Effect Assessment of TCSC on Algerian Transmission Line Protected by IDMT Directional Overcurrent RelayMohamed ZELLAGUI, Rabah BENABID, Abdelaziz CHAGHI, Mohamed BOUDOUR

Using a Shape Memory Alloy Spring Actuator to Increase the Performance of Solar Tracking SystemSonia DEGERATU, Sabin RIZESCU, Laurentiu ALBOTEANU, Costel CARAMIDA, Petre ROTARU, Irina BONCEA, Constantin IANCU

Power Electronic Converters – New Trends in Power Quality of Low Voltage Power GridsIulian Mircea Tudor BIROU, Sorin Gheorghe PAVEL, Virgil MAIER

Modern AC Drive System with Induction MachineMarian GAICEANU, Cristian NICHITA

Practical Considerations Concerning Conducted Electromagnetic Interferences for a PC Petre-Marian NICOLAE, Camelia-Mihaela STOICA, George MIHAI

Increasing Frequency Capability of PMSM Vector Controlled Drive for Pumped StorageIoan DUCAR, Corneliu MARINESCU

Numerical Models for Electric Train Energy-Efficient OperationDaniel Cristian CISMARU, Mircea Adrian DRIGHICIU, Doru Adrian NICOLA

Simulation of Regenerative Braking at an Electrical Scooter Marian CIONTU, Ileana-Diana NICOLAE

Automation of a Sun Tracking System for Photo-voltaic Panel with Low Concentration of Solar RadiationLaurentiu ALBOTEANU, Florin RAVIGAN, Alexandru NOVAC

Extended Study Regarding Sustained Transfer Rate for 802.11 Wi-Fi Communications With Partially Overlapped Channels InterferencePetrică CIOTÎRNAE, Florin Gabriel POPESCU, Florin Roman ENACHE

Check of Temperature-Rise Test of High Voltage Prefabricated Substations with Power up to 1600 kVAG. CURCANU, I. SBORA, C. IANCU, C. BOLTASU, P. PISTOL

The Load Influence on the Diagnosis of the Three-Phase Rectifier by Using the Analytical Model MethodVirginia IVANOV, Maria BROJBOIU, Sergiu IVANOV

Smart Home Energy Management System for Peak Average Ratio ReductionMotaz AMER, A.M. EL- ZONKOLY, A. NAAMANE, N.K. M’SIRDI

Design of Separately Windings Control System of Series/Compound DC Traction MotorsIlie NUCA, Ion IZMANĂ, Vitalie ESANU, Alexandru MOTROI

Transmission and Processing of the Measurement Signals Generated by a Transformer for the Current Measurement in Medium Voltage NetworksMarinel POPESCU, Ovidiu MIHAITA

Design and Analysis of Low-Cost Ferrite Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Rotor and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Rotor with Flux ConcentratorS. MUSUROI, C. SORANDARU, D. VATAU, V.N. OLARESCU, M. WEINMAN

A New Approach on The Diagnosis of Automatic Block Signaling InstallationsElisabeta SPUNEI, Ion PIROI, Florina PIROI, Cristian Paul CHIONCEL

Embedded System for Controlling the Temperature Inside of an Electric FurnaceAndreea-Maria NEACĂ, Mitică Iustinian NEACĂ

Pulse and Transition Measurements in Dynamic Regimes of Electrical MotorsGheorghe-Eugen SUBTIRELU, Mircea DOBRICEANU, Monica-Adela ENACHE

Influence of the Environmental Aspects on the Quality of the Activity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant from the Repairs Locomotives IndustryGabriela-Dana PETROPOL-SERB, Ion PETROPOL-SERB

Analyzing of the Air Preheater Operation of the Steam Generators in Power PlantsAdelaida Mihaela DUINEA, Paul Mihai MIRCEA

HID Lamps Dimming Possibilities in the Africa’s Lighting Systems ContextLovasoa RAKOTOMALALA, Zely RANDRIAMANANTANY, Gabriel Chiriac, Dorin Dumitru LUCACHE

Some Problems Concerning Power Management System for More Electric AircraftLiviu DINCA, Jenica- Ileana CORCAU